Thursday, June 14, 2012

Here are some of the awesome courses UDEMY has to offer:

    Microsoft Excel                  Advanced Excel Training $99         
Microsoft Excel 2010                                                                        

Become a Web Developer         HTML 5 Beginner's          Creating iOS Games
         from Scratch $199                 Crash Course $99              for Beginners $99


Design Your User Experience   How to Create an Awesome $297       
    in Seven Simple Steps $399  Demo Video for Your Business              


PHP and MySQL            The Lean Start Up $150         
   for Beginners $99


C Programming: iOS $99        Local Marketing Blueprint          
Development Starts Here!           - Shoemoney $197 


  Microsoft Word Format Interior         Adobe Photoshop $99    
   and Cover File for Book $159            CS5 for Beginners

Learn to Develop an iPhone or              Creating Resposive Web Design
iPad Application in 4 Weeks $250

              $99                            $99

Ruby Programming for Beginners     Objective C for Beginners


How to Make iPhone                  Become a Certified
  Applications $197                  Web Developer $199

         $90                     $129

Google Boost Your Business         How to Start a Business

            $497                                $98

Learn How to Make iPhone                  Web Design from the Ground Up
and iPad Applications in One
Hour Without Any Programming

      $249                     $129

AdWords for Beginners               Ruby on Rails for Beginners

           $365                                $195

Learn How to Make HTML5,                       Javascript for Programmers
Facebook, Chrome Store Games
and More!

      $99                           $379

Expert Ruby Programming         DreamWeaver CS6 Build HTML5
                                                      CSS3 Multi-device Fluid Web

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